Your Look Your Number

Collection 2023 – 2024

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Let us introduce our collection – Your Look Your Number, a visual experience of our high-performance styling range. Three looks representing the essence of the brand and our unique number system: Hold, Shine, and Volume. Our collection flirts with iconic hairstyles throughout time, showcasing the evolution of the craftsmanship of hairdressing.


With our Hold look, we wanted to showcase creativity and playfulness that lasts. Drawing inspiration from the millennial updos, with a classic touch. Even though it is all about the finish, the foundation is a fundamental part of the look. The combination of elegance and youthful detailing is what brings this look to life, and represents the high performance of the hold in our products.⁠


Shine can have a variety of meanings, which is what we want to bring to life with this look. We took inspiration from the 20s and 30s finger waves, mixed in with modern wet-look details, to create the perfect shine. With this look, we’re showing that by using elements from the past with present techniques, we’re ready for the future. The shine in REF Stockholm´s products never disappoints, this is our way of proving it.


The future of styling is all about achieving weightlessness and volume expansion. The look shows the impact of layering products with refined techniques, drawing inspiration from the voluminous styles of the 70s and 80s. The curly texture, enhanced by REF Stockholm´s volumizing products, brings out the confidence in your look. Creating natural volume is a timeless trend, and significant in the future of haircare. ⁠


The inspiration behind this collection is to enhance the fundamentals of REF Stockholm in the easiest and most creative way. Hold, Shine and Volume is REF Stockholm´s unique way of communicating the simplicity in finding the right styling products – we wanted the collection to shine light upon our heritage. Elements and inspiration are taken from iconic eras throughout time to pay tribute to the craftsmanship and for REF to be a part of the evolution. This is our contribution to it.

The entire team is incredibly proud of this collection and excited to share it with our community. Welcome to the future with REF –  just pick your number.