Frizz Tamer N°130

Your new handbag hero!

Are you tired of frizz and baby hairs that ruin your hairstyle?

That is a common problem you should not have to deal with! The new and innovative product REF Stockholm Frizz Tamer N°130 keeps unwanted flyaway’s and baby hairs in place. This innovative product gives a natural finish with shine, without grease. Frizz Tamer N°130 takes your hairstyle to the next level by keeping the hair smooth with a few strokes in the direction you want your hair to stay.

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Copper Dreams

The Copper Dreams looks perfect with its textured styling and square lined fringe sitting above the eyebrows. With this look we aimed to expose her beautiful face and highlight her eyes to make them pop. We wanted to really give the colour justice by preparing, styling, and perfecting the look. Read more to find out how we prepared the Copper Dreams.

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Bronze Crush

A strong technique and balance were key to create this seemingly effortless look. This look from our collection screams confidence. The effort in preparing this look was very important so that the curls would look flawless and stay perfect all day. Read about what products and techniques we used when preparing for the Bronze Crush.

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Peachy Keen

One look is all it takes, and you fall in love by the pop of peach. For this look, we wanted something edgy and bold yet fun and casual. Shades are no longer gray and lacking life – these tones are playful and carefree. We want to show you how we prepared this look so that the styling would complement the colour, read more to find out what products we used.

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Apricot Fizz

A Yin and Yang approach of two dimensions in movement creating blocks of texture in the hair. Notice how the styling compliments the colour.  This look is flawless on its own, but we really wanted to focus on the preparation of this look so that the cut and colour would look its best. Find out what products we used to create the Apricot Fizz.

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