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Peroxide 30 VOL/9%

Developers available in 5 different volumes and can be used for Permanent Colours, Soft Colours and all Blonde.ID Bleaches.

100% Vegan
Strengthening Quinoa protein
Cruelty free
Colour preserve system

We recommend all colours, as well as Blonde.ID Bleach, to be mixed in a non-metallic bowl with a REF Cream Developer, using a non-metal whisk for smooth results. As with any colour, mix in a well-ventilated area. The processing time and mixing ratio will depend on product, hair colour, porosity and condition of the hair. It will also depend on the technique used, the volume of hydrogen peroxide and how many levels will be lifted.

Our Cream Developer with Peroxide 30 VOL/9% is perfect for high-lift blonding or lifting action. Delivers up to 3 levels of lift.