REF x Stockholm: a love story

Collection 2022 – 2023

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For our collection REF x Stockholm –  a love story, we want to celebrate our Swedish heritage. In this campaign we show our roots by capturing the moments and movements of people in Stockholm. Discover our new looks inspired by the 90’s and the Stockholm city life, by following our models through our hometown.


A delicate and simple look yet at the same time so timeless and powerful. We decided to work with squares and created edgier lines to enhance her eyes and cheekbones. The copper colour is made with a monochromatic technique from the lightest to the strongest shades.

We added small braids and texture in the styling to give the look some interesting details.

Explore the Copper Dreams look in the Stockholm city scene below!


Strong technique and balance were key for this seemingly effortless look, and in the end – a gorgeous versatile haircut that can be worn naturally or expanded depending on the occasion. The mixture of the shapes in this hairstyle creates a quirky and playful look, especially when she moves. The bronzy shades in this colour mixture adds edge and an urban feel.

We complimented her beautiful curls by adding firmness and shine.

Explore the Bronze Crush look in the Stockholm city scene below!

REF x Stockholm: PEACHY KEEN

A new playful take on an iconic classic with peachy tones.

Wear it sleek and chic or ruffle it up to create a more contemporary grungy look, the choice is yours – but the result will look perfect regardless. We cut square line from the sides and worked our way back into the neck area, working with layers to give the look a dramatic feel when the hair is teased. 

This look is timeless and classy with the perfect amount of flirtiness.

Explore the Peachy Keen look in the Stockholm city scene below!


Highly salon-friendly look which has the Yin and Yang approach of two dimensions in movement creating unsuspected texture in the hair. Changeable, versatile, with creative techniques to show off your best features around the face while still retaining length.

The apricot frames in contrast to the rich blonde colour give this look a modern, edgy twist.

Explore the Apricot Fizz look in the Stockholm city scene below!


Deep dive into the inspiration and creation of our Collection 2022-2023. Enjoy reading the lead stylists, Calle Lindroths thoughts of what he hopes to achieve with the looks, what inspired him to create them – and keep reading to find out which REF products he is extra thankful of existed under the preparations of the Collection looks.


REF x the Stylists

Introducing our talented team behind the looks – Calle Lindroth, Demet Orhan, and Jesse Marks.

Calle Lindroth: Swedish Hair Design Educator with a long background working as a teacher for companies such as; Sassoon Academy in London & ‘Vidal Sassoon Academy’ in Shanghai China for over a decade. 

Demet Orhan: REF Stockholm International Education Manager with over 17 years of salon experience. Has worked as a lead educator for Richy UK Hair and owned her own salon in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jesse Marcks: Director of Education – USA at REF Stockholm and Artistic Education Director at Brava Salon Specialists. Owns her own salon since many years with prior experience from Goldwell North American Artistic Team as Platform Artist and Educator.