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Our extensive global experience within the hairdressing industry is shared through our education platform, REF Acadamy, where we inspire a worldwide network of hairdressers and stylists. REF Academy provides hands-on classes with the latest techniques and inspiration, along with our secrets behind Natural Beauty. Through events, shows and masterclasses we provide the right tools to achieve hair perfection.

REF Academy Classes

REF Academy sees hairdressing as a form of art where everyone develop when given the right tools. Whether you want to get to know our qualitative products or want to know how to tailor the perfect blonde, REF Academy courses will help you achieve your goals.

REF Educator: When you have completed all diploma and complementary courses, you have the opportunity to apply to become a REF Educator and receive a REF Academy Pin.

Certificate: When you have graduated and passed all the courses within REF Academy, you will become a Certified REF Salon Ambassador.

You can soon send in your application to our courses, Stay tuned!


Educate yourself and your team through our online classes. In our digital classroom, you’ll find classes with a wide variety of content to choose from. The classes are then adapted to your personal need and level of knowledge.

We answer all your questions regarding colours, products, techniques, and more.

Duration: Ca 1- 1.5h


Brand presentation

REF Brand presentation is a deep dive into REF as a brand. This is the most important course for you who are at the beginning of your REF career and want to get to know our basics and values. The course processes the theoretical parts of REF and gives you the knowledge you need to work with REF. Sign up for the Brand Presentation course for an incredible review of REF as a brand.

Result: You’ll get an understanding of REF as brand

For who? This course is suitable for you who just started working with REF’s products or are interested in the brand.

Product Specialist

This course contains an incredibly instructive theoretical part that involves a review of both the hair care and styling segments, to then move on to practical hands-on. The Product Specialist course is very useful when you need more knowledge of REF as a brand or are longing to specialize in our products. This course will help you understand and apply the products in the best possible way. Join this course for an exciting round about REF’s products.

Result: You will gain knowledge of REF’s Styling and Care segments, and also how to best work with the products in the salon.

For who? This course is suitable for you who just started working with REF’s products or need a thorough rehearsal.

Colour Collective

Colour Collective is a necessary course for you who have just started working with REF’s colours and want to immerse yourself in the entire REF Colour system. The course will start with a theoretical part and go through basic knowledge in REF’s colour theory. After the theoretical part, we will move on to hands-on and work on dolls/models. Colour Collective is the perfect course for you who wants to learn how REF’s color range work or needs a refresh on it.

Result: You get knowledge of REF’s professional segments as well as tools for how to best work with the products in the salon.

For who? The course is aimed at hairdressers who are new to working with REF’s colors or need repetition.

Blonde. ID

The Blonde.ID course gives you confidence in the choice of products and technology to tailor the perfect blonde result. We will go through the Blonde.ID concept: High-Lift, contouring techniques as well as Balayage and freehand techniques. You get technical knowledge about underlying pigments and what you need to think about to be able to tailor contouring looks and create the perfect result. Then we move on to hands on where we work on dolls/models. In this course we immerse ourselves in all knowledge about Blonde, Balayage and Contouring.

Result: You will understand the differences between our bleach products and when to use Blonde.ID Balayage ID or High Lift. You gain knowledge in tailoring different freehand techniques and contouring to create the perfect balayage.

For who? Hairdressers who have taken our Color Collective Course and want to become specialists in blonde hair, balayage, and contouring.

Colour Progressive

Colour Progressive is a course for you who have previously attended the Colour Collective course and wants to deepen the REF colour knowledge. The course refers to important theoretical repetition, to then dive deep into the world of colour and work with the latest techniques hands-on. Colour Progressive is the perfect course for you who wants to further your education in REF and gather more knowledge in colour technology and theory. It will be an inspiring specialization course that you don’t want to miss.

Result: You get a broader understanding of color technology and the hair’s structure. We share our best tips and tricks. The purpose of the course is to provide more in-depth knowledge in a salon environment.

For who? Hairdressers who have previously taken the Color Collective course and who have basic knowledge and want a more in-depth course in REF’s color theory.

REF Academy


Refine and Boost

Refine & Boost is a course that deepens the knowledge in REF’s colour theory with a main focus on our Soft Colour Boosters and Permanent Colour Boosters. The course acts as a complement to previous courses to provide in-depth knowledge in how to best boost and neutralize colours with REF Colour Boosters. The course contains both interesting theoretical parts and creative workshops to deepen the knowledge about the use of boosters.

Curly Perm

Curly Perm is an important course for you who want to educate yourself in REF’s Curly Perm products. In this course you will get handy tips and tricks on different rolling techniques. The course consists of an extensive theoretical review with inspiring elements to better understand the beautiful curly world.


This course goes through REF’s proprietary system; ProPlex. It will give you knowledge on the ProPlex products and how to best apply the whole routine to achieve healthy hair. This inspiring, technical course is suitable for you who want to get a better understanding of how and why ProPlex products are used to refine hair.

Intro to colour

This introductory course is for you who are interested in working with REF’s colour range. The course introduces REF’s impressive colour range with an inspiring presentation and overview of areas of use. This course is perfect for you who are curious about REF’s professional supply and want to be introduced to the educational world of REF Academy.

Ingredients and Fragrances

An in-depth course that processes organic key ingredients and their high performance in REF products. The course consists of inspiring theory where, in addition to reviewing the qualitative ingredients, you also gain an understanding of the series luxurious scents and how they differ from each other.

Meet the Educators

International Education Manager

REF International Educator Maja Eriksson grew up in Dalarna, and has worked at some of Stockholm's most prestigious salons. With a long experience and extensive knowledge in the hairdressing industry, Maja's track record includes Senior Stylist at Preston Hair, along with Top Stylist and Salon Manager at a hair Studio. Maja leads REF Academy across all markets to educate our distributors and salons, while sharing her broad skills and creativity.

Meet the educators

REF always strive to find the best in our industry to educate and inspire our educators to continue learning. Meet some of our instructors.

  • Artistic Team North America
  • Artistic Team Sweden

Jesse Marcks

Director of Education – Brava Salon Specialists

Jesse is extremely creative, technical and business savvy. She constantly invents concepts for creative color placement and customized haircuts. Avant-garde Styling, Business Building, Color Theory, Advanced Haircutting, are just a few of her favorite topics to share with other stylists and salons. "A few of my favorite products are… Thickening Spray N°215 - gives amazing volume and fullness to the hair and I love that I can continue to layer it depending on how much volume I’m looking for. Spray Wax N°434 – I can’t live without Spray Wax! I can add texture and shine to short, mid or long hair styles.”


Tara Riteris

Salon Owner

Tara loves all things salon & hair and all aspects of creativity. She is very driven by a crazy passion for textured/curly hair. She brings a fresh take on working with texture & keeping it real and playful. Her passion for color is also front line behind the chair & in the classroom. She loves to break down color formulation & has a unique way with her instruction ability to truly get stylists to visualize colors. Her favorite products with REF is definitely the whole Care Line.


Nicole Coil

Salon owner

Nicole went to beauty school just to learn how to cut her own hair. She has since grown into a passionate hairdresser, salon owner, and educator. Embracing and loving all aspects of hairdressing, hair cutting is her true passion. She loves teaching how to take the basic rules and principles of hair cutting and coupling it with a more “organic” method. “I always listen to the hair and let it speak to me on how it likes to flow, lay, and behave. REF care and styling products make it possible for me to create the perfect look every single time. Not only is this great for me as a stylist, but my clients can achieve the perfect results at home.”


Irini Giannakenas

I’ve been working as a hairdresser for almost 15 years in Gothenburg. I really love working with hair and most of all coloring. My favorite product is REF Leave in Treatment. It fits all hairtypes. It really is moisturizing and gives shine to dull hair. I personally love to use it all the time.


Janne Näränen

Janne Näränen is an experienced stylist / hairdresser with a wide range and knowledge beyond the ordinary. He has won international awards and has previously worked at some of Sweden's foremost hairdressing salons. His passion for styling and hairdressing has really set the tone of his expertise. Jannes favourite REF product is the Fiber Mousse because of its amazing prestanda.

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